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Organic Sea Moss with Spirulina Capsules | Vegan 1000mg

Organic Sea Moss with Spirulina Capsules | Vegan 1000mg

Our Sea Moss with Spirulina capsules combine the world's two most nutrient-rich algae to create a unique, new superfood.

If you're familiar with Sea Moss, you know its benefits include healthy skin, mucus membrane support and digestive health. In addition, it contains 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies need to function.

We fused this already potent red algae with powerhouse blue green algae—Spirulina. 

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Remarkable support for Blood Sugar and Iron Levels

Spirulina, known as a nutritional powerhouse from the sea, offers dual support for blood sugar and iron levels. Rich in compounds like phycocyanin and polysaccharides, it can enhance insulin sensitivity, potentially aiding blood sugar management. Additionally, as an absorbable plant-based iron source, spirulina helps prevent iron deficiency, boosting energy levels and overall vitality. Whether in capsule or powder form, incorporating spirulina into your diet can be a valuable step towards better blood sugar and iron health.

Two superfood–one unique blend

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Non GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Lab tested

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Support Healthy Sugar Levels

Dive into wellness with Spirulina, a renowned blue-green algae, that surfaces as a formidable ally in supporting balanced sugar levels. The algae encapsulates essential nutrients and antioxidants that, together, work towards moderating sugar levels by enhancing cellular response to insulin and ensuring a steady, balanced journey in metabolic function. Spirulina, in its nutrient-dense essence, provides a naturally supportive foundation for those steering towards a stable, healthy glycemic outlook.

Support Healthy Iron Levels

Spirulina, a vibrant blue-green algae, unfolds as a remarkable source of iron, proactively participating in amplifying the body’s iron reserves and combating iron-deficiency anemia. Encompassing a high bioavailable iron content, it stands as a beacon for those seeking plant-based alternatives to bolster their iron levels effectively. This aquatic superfood not only plays a vital role in enhancing iron but also brings along a suite of nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants, thereby supporting holistic health and vitality. With Spirulina, elevate your wellness by ensuring your iron levels sail smoothly towards optimal health.

Sea Moss: A Potent Ally for Immune Health

Sea Moss, renowned for its abundant nutrient profile, directly contributes to bolstering immune health by providing key minerals and antioxidants. Notably, it is a significant source of zinc, a mineral instrumental in supporting robust immune responses and safeguarding cell integrity against oxidative stress. Incorporating Sea Moss into your wellness routine may offer a supportive foundation, enhancing your body’s natural defense mechanisms through its nutrient-rich composition.

  • Benefits

    • Support healthy iron levels
    • Support blood sugar wellness
    • Packed with B vitamins and minerals
    • Support healthy energy levels
    • Support immune health

  • How to use

    Take 2 capsules daily, preferably with food or as directed by a healthcare practitioner

  • Dietary Restrictions

    USDA Organic, Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free. Made Without Dairy, Made Without Soy, Made Without Nuts, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, BPA Free.

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Clinically Researched Ingredients

We prioritize using ingredients that have undergone clinical research whenever feasible. "Clinically researched" signifies that our chosen component has a) established support from solid studies, b) endorsement from peer-reviewed research, and c) assessments confirming its effectiveness, safety, and transparency. Thus, when we make statements about our products, they're genuinely rooted in evidence.

Dive Deeper

Ready to learn more about how Sea Moss can transform your health? We have all the details for you right here. Click the link below to checkout our blog. We've curated a wealth of information to aid you on your wellness journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness Sherpa Hudson

Atlantic Naturals Chemist, Product Formulator, Health Coach, and Clinical Nutritionist is here to answer your questions.

Are your Sea Moss Capsules available in brick and mortar stores?

Yes! They are in Vitamin Shoppes nationwide, as well as a few small independent health food stores

Does Sea Moss support weight management?

Sea Moss is packed with Dietary fiber that helps to support bowel movements and suppress appetite.

Does your Sea Moss contain any contaminants?

Our Sea Moss is wild harvested from the clean, uncontaminated waters of Nova Scotia. In addition, all our products are always tested for heavy metals, bacteria and potency.

Can I take Sea Moss while taking blood thinners?

Sea Moss does contain some blood thinning properties, so it is recommended to consult your physician if you're currently taking blood thinners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
loretta p.
New Beginnings

This product is the start of a new life for me. I actually thought I was sick. I felt horrible. But all my test were negative. Colonoscopy, cat-scans, everything. These pills has me feeling so good. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks for checking in

Nick o.t.
nice product

Sea Moss should definitely be a staple in everyone’s home, this company provides a product that is worth the price & you will start to see a difference in your overall health, body & spirit. Dr. Sebi thank you for the planting the seed w/ NIP we will never forget.

Charlotte c.

I was curious to see how this product would differ from the original Sea Moss. The effect is very similar, I have better bowel movement like the original, however I've experienced slightly more energy, I'm guessing from the B12 in the Spirulina. Overall, another great product. If you guys keep up the great service, you have a customer for life! 😊

Jennifer m.

I’ve been taking this since it arrived. I was anemic the reason for my order in the first place. I now feel better and with a lot of energy. I don’t even need to drink coffee to keep me up. I’ve recommended to everyone I know. My mom and my best friends have now ordered a bottle for themselves. I’m addicted ❤️

richard c.
Very good so far

I've only been using this product for a week now, but I'm excited by the results. I feel a definite increase in energy and overall health. Hoping this supplement will boost my immune system!