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Sea Moss Powder: Benefits, Comparisons and Preparation

Already considered a superfood, Sea Moss is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The benefits gained from adding a supplement to the diet are many and varied, ranging from digestive health to better skin. Let’s take a closer look at this gift from the ocean! What is Sea Moss? Sea Moss is a spiky marine plant that looks like seaweed or algae. Scientifically called Chondrus crispus, it grows mainly between North America and Europe in the waters along the rocky Atlantic shores (1). It's an edible sea plant that looks like kelp or dulse and is related to other seaweeds, algae, and other leafy sea veggies. You can find Sea Moss comes in a variety of colors, including greens, yellows,...

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Support your overall well-being with Sea Moss Superfood Powder

Atlantic Naturals now offers an organic sea moss powder that combines the superfoods like Maca, Beet Root, and Ashwagandha with the world’s most nutrient-rich algae giving you a health elixir that is as delicious as it is good for you. Because the powder is so tasty and easy-to-mix, you can add it to water, your favorite milk substitute, or even a homemade smoothie. Why Sea Moss Superfood Powder? The delicious taste is not the only reason you will want to stir in Atlantic Naturals Sea Moss Superfood Powder. The health benefits will definitely be your number one reason.  This new health elixir: Supports healthy stress management Helps build a positive mindset Supports cognitive function Promotes a healthy blood pressure Supports...

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Sea Moss Powder: What it is and how it benefits you

Sea Moss Powder has proven natural health benefits. Finding the right natural supplement for your body and lifestyle can be tricky. Thankfully, we have a solution. We at Atlantic Naturals are proud to introduce our new Sea Moss Powder supplement. If you're unfamiliar with the fantastic benefits of sea moss, then this article is for you.  What is Sea Moss Powder?  Sea moss powder is the most versatile form of sea moss. Sea moss, considered a superfood, grows on the Atlantic coast, Caribbean, and other parts of North America. It's also called Chondrus crispus or Irish Moss and has been used for hundreds of generations due to its healing properties and health benefits. Sea moss can be consumed in its...

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Dr Sebi's Sea Moss | The most complete superfood on the planet

Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman, was a Honduran born, African herbalist. Much of Dr. Sebi's life is shrouded in myth. He's best known for his diet programs and nutritional advice. In truth, many of Dr. Sebi's discoveries were discredited by the scientific medical community. However, some of his views on health and diet do align with nutritional science. For example, Dr. Sebi stressed the importance of a plant-based diet, hydration, and discouraged processed food. A notable supplement that both medical science and Dr. Sebi support is sea moss.  What did Dr. Sebi say about Sea Moss?  Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss or Chondrus Crispus, was first used by the Irish, Europeans, and early Spaniards. The earliest known uses...

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The amazing benefits of Sea Moss Capsules

Are you looking for a natural way to better your health? Maybe you're contemplating a more plant-based diet and need to know where you'll get your essential nutrients. Sea moss capsules can check off both the aforementioned boxes and then some. We at Atlantic Naturals are going to let you in on the amazing benefits of Sea moss capsules. What are Sea Moss Capsules? Our sea moss capsules contain the daily recommended dosage of sea moss. They can be taken 1-2 times a day and contain all the health benefits of our sea moss gel. Well most of the same health benefits. Sea moss in gel form can be applied topically to heal and soothe skin. Sea moss capsules have...

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