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Organic Sea Moss Superfood Powder with Ashwagandha, Beet Root and Maca | Vanilla Flavor
Organic Sea Moss Superfood Powder with Ashwagandha, Beet Root and Maca | Vanilla Flavor

Organic Sea Moss Superfood Powder with Ashwagandha, Beet Root and Maca | Vanilla Flavor

  • Support healthy skin and cell regeneration
  • Support a healthy response to stress and promote a positive mindset
  • Support cognitive function, memory and focus
  • Packed with pre-biotics that support digestive system health
  • Support increased athletic performance and endurance
  • Support healthy thyroid function
  • 30 servings per bottle | Delicious Vanilla Flavor

Mix one scoop (5g) with 8-10 ounces of water, almond milk or your favorite beverage. Stir, shake or blend until smooth.

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Our Organic Sea Moss Powder combines the world's most nutrient-rich algae with superfoods Ashwagandha, Beet Root, and Maca to create a delicious health elixir.

This easy-to-mix powder can be stirred into water, almond milk, or blended into your favorite smoothie.

Along with the amazing benefits of Sea Moss, this superfood powder supports healthy stress management, positive mindset, cognitive function, healthy blood pressure, energy levels, and athletic performance.

Raw Sea Moss

Why did we create a Sea Moss Superfood Powder?

Sea Moss first came to popularity around the world in liquid form–as a soup or broth in Ireland, as a creamy drink in the Caribbean. However, to turn this nutritious algae into a delicious drink requires tedious preparation. This involves soaking the Sea Moss for hours, then blending, or boiling it with water to create Sea Moss gel. Next, the gel is blended with milk and various fruits to create the beverage known as "Irish Moss".

Though it is most convenient to take via pill form, many still prefer to sip on this superfood. We figured–why not add a few more superfoods into the mix and create a delicious, easy to mix health elixir.


Sea Moss (also known as Irish Moss) promotes healthy skin, thyroid function, mucus membrane support and digestive health.

Apart from its therapeutic uses, Sea Moss is packed with an abundance of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants--hence its popularity among Vegans. This red algae is so nutrient rich, one can survive for months eating only raw Sea Moss.

Widely recognized as the king of adaptogenic herbs, Ashwagandha Root has been used for thousands of years to help support a healthy response to stress, promote restful sleep, and enhance mood.

Withania, the active ingredient in Ashwagandha, helps to balance cortisol and DHEA levels in the body. This can even lead to better control over food-induced cravings.

Apart from its rich vitamin and mineral profile, Beet Root benefits the body in several different ways. First, it is an organic form of nitrate which transforms into Nitric Oxide once ingested.

Nitric Oxide dilates the blood vessels, and increases oxygen in the blood. This leads to increased exercise performance, improved cognitive function and healthy blood pressure levels.

Native to Peru, Maca Root is harvested close to the top of the Andes Mountains. This herbaceous plant has been used for centuries by the Inca people to support healthy energy and endurance.

This caffeine-free adaptogenic herb is ideal for anyone looking for that extra push.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any side effects of Sea Moss?

    Sea Moss does possess some anticoagulant properties, meaning— in higher doses it can function as a natural blood thinner. As a result, if you are taking anticoagulant medication, be sure to consult a physician before adding Sea Moss to your diet. Because of Sea Moss’ rich magnesium content, people who are taking antihypertensives (high blood pressure medication) can experience slight dizziness or nausea when taking Sea Moss. As consuming too much Sea Moss can have laxative effects—people who are suffering, or have suffered from stomach ulcers or internal bleeding, should consult a physician before adding Sea Moss to their diet.

  • How much iodine is in your Sea Moss Superfood Powder?

    Each serving of our Organic Sea Moss capsules (750mg) have approximately 30mcg of iodine or 15% of your recommended daily value.

  • Does Sea Moss aid weight loss?

    Because of Sea Moss’ rich fiber content, it does work to suppress your appetite, thus making it a great weight loss aid.

  • Does Sea Moss Powder give you energy?

    Our Sea Moss powder is packed with an abundance of essential Vitamins and Minerals that our bodies need to function. Its Vitamin content does include B vitamins which helps to support healhty energy levels and mental focus.

  • Where does your Sea Moss come from?

    Though today, Sea Moss can be found in many parts of the world, we only wild harvest our Sea Moss off the coastlines of the Atlantic ocean. This ensures premium quality, an Organic product and the most potent nutrition profile.

  • Is the Sea Moss in your superfood powder wild-crafted?

    Absolutely! We only use wild-harvested organic Sea Moss in our products.

  • Is Sea Moss different from Irish Moss?

    Sea Moss and Irish Moss are the same. It was first discovered in Ireland during the 19th century potato famine. Its rich content of vitamins, minerals and protein quickly made it a primary food source. It was added into everything, from soups and broths to drinks and deserts. As news of this marine superfood spread throughout the world, it would be more commonly known as Sea Moss.

  • Is it possible to consume too much Sea Moss?

    As with all things that are good for you, there is always an upper limit—it is possible to have too much of a good thing. The same goes for Sea Moss, consuming more than the recommended dosage can lead to diarrhea or loose bowel movement. Some people have a higher tolerance for it, therefore they can consume more. Vegans may also be able to consume more Sea Moss, as their diet lacks the minerals that meat eaters consume regularly.

  • Why not put Bladderwrack in your Sea Moss superfood powder?

    Though Bladderwrack is an amazing addition to Sea Moss, it possesses very potent blood-thinning effects. As a result, it cannot be taken daily for extended periods of time. Hence the reason we opted to leave it out of our Sea Moss Superfood Powder. Maybe at a later date, we will sell a separate supplement with both Bladderwrack and Sea Moss.

  • Is the Sea Moss Gel better than the powder?

    While the Sea Moss gel is great in drinks or smoothies, it is hard to determine the potency (amount of mg) of Sea Moss you're consuming every day. This is where our Sea Moss Superfood Powder shines, it is just as potent as the gel and measureable. In addition, the powder is delicious and easy to mix into water, milk or a smoothie.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nnamdi E.
Superfood Powder

Really enjoy it so far! Big fan of your products so I definitely trust this product already!

Zachary L.
Great Product

Very good tasting!

Josh S.
Gives me energy and tastes great

I was hesitant to try a Sea Moss powder as the raw gel has a fresh seaweed like flavor, however, I was pleasantly surprised! You guys did a great job on this formula, it's quite good-a mix of cinnamon, vanilla and beet. I take one scoop with 4oz of water in the morning and it really kicks off my day, I have noticed an increase in focus as well 👍🏻