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Organic Sea Moss Superfood Powder with Ashwagandha, Beet Root and Maca |* NEW IMPROVED Vanilla Flavor

Organic Sea Moss Superfood Powder with Ashwagandha, Beet Root and Maca |* NEW IMPROVED Vanilla Flavor

Our Organic Sea Moss Powder combines the world's most nutrient-rich algae with superfoods Ashwagandha, Beet Root, and Maca to create a delicious health elixir. This easy-to-mix powder can be stirred into water, almond milk, or blended into your favorite smoothie. Along with the amazing benefits of Sea Moss, this superfood powder supports healthy stress management, positive mindset, cognitive function, blood pressure, energy levels, and athletic performance.

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Sip your way to wellness

Sea Moss first came to popularity around the world in liquid form–as a soup or broth in Ireland, as a creamy drink in the Caribbean. However, to turn this nutritious algae into a delicious drink requires tedious preparation. This involves soaking the Sea Moss for hours, then blending, or boiling it with water to create Sea Moss gel. Next, the gel is blended with milk and various fruits to create the beverage known as "Irish Moss".

Though it is most convenient to take via pill form, many still prefer to sip on this superfood. We figured–why not add a few more superfoods into the mix and create a delicious, easy to mix health elixir.

–Elevate your morning routine

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Non GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Lab tested

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Support Cardiovascular Health and Blood Pressure

Beetroot provides direct support to heart health with its rich content of dietary nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide plays a pivotal role in dilating blood vessels, ensuring smooth blood flow and subsequently supporting healthy blood pressure levels. The vibrant vegetable is also a source of antioxidants, protecting blood vessels from oxidative stress and contributing to the overall well-being of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, beetroot stands out as a nutritional ally, offering tangible support in maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Support Athletic Performance

Ashwagandha, often utilized in traditional medicine, is explored in various studies for its potential links to aspects of enhanced athletic performance. Some researchers have investigated its possible relationships with stress management, muscle development, and stamina, attributed to its adaptogenic and antioxidant profiles.

Mood and Stress management

Ashwagandha, a revered herb in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, brings a direct impact on stress and mood management. Its adaptogenic properties help the body navigate through stress by modulating the stress response and cortisol levels. Furthermore, the herb is recognized for its ability to support a balanced mood and enhance mental clarity, providing a two-pronged approach in maintaining emotional and mental well-being. Thus, Ashwagandha offers a grounded support, helping to stabilize and uplift mood while mitigating the impacts of stress on the body.

Sea Moss: A Potent Ally for Immune Health

Sea Moss, renowned for its abundant nutrient profile, directly contributes to bolstering immune health by providing key minerals and antioxidants. Notably, it is a significant source of zinc, a mineral instrumental in supporting robust immune responses and safeguarding cell integrity against oxidative stress. Incorporating Sea Moss into your wellness routine may offer a supportive foundation, enhancing your body’s natural defense mechanisms through its nutrient-rich composition.

  • Benefits

    • Support Athletic Performance
    • Support Endurance and Energy
    • Support Blood Blood Flow
    • Support a Positive mood and Focus
    • Support Thyroid Health
    • Support Skin Health
    • Packed with 92 vitamins and minerals

  • How to use

    Mix one scoop (5g) with 8-10 ounces of water, almond milk or your favorite beverage. Stir, shake or blend until smooth.

  • Dietary Restrictions

    Organic, Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free. Made Without Dairy, Made Without Soy, Made Without Nuts, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, BPA Free.

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Clinically Researched Ingredients

We prioritize using ingredients that have undergone clinical research whenever feasible. "Clinically researched" signifies that our chosen component has a) established support from solid studies, b) endorsement from peer-reviewed research, and c) assessments confirming its effectiveness, safety, and transparency. Thus, when we make statements about our products, they're genuinely rooted in evidence.

Dive Deeper

Ready to learn more about how Sea Moss can transform your health? We have all the details for you right here. Click the link below to checkout our blog. We've curated a wealth of information to aid you on your wellness journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness Sherpa Hudson

Atlantic Naturals Chemist, Product Formulator, Health Coach, and Clinical Nutritionist is here to answer your questions.

How does it taste?

It is lightly flavored with a delicious hint of vanilla, cinnamon and beet root. When mixed into beverage like coffee, tea or a smoothie, you can barely taste it!

Can I take it before working out?

Absolutely! The beet root in it acts as a naturals pre-workout to support energy levels and blood flow.

When is the best time to take it?

Ideally morning or afternoon as it provides a prolonged energy boost.

Will this replace my multi-vitamin?

While it is packed with vitamins and minerals, it isn't a replacement. We still recommend you supplement a multi–as most of our diets do not encompass the full plethora of necessary vitamins and minerals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Harry D.
Would definitely purchase again

Great taste, great smell, great addition to my morning protein shake and mushroom coffee powder. I mix all three and the flavor is perfect. I have seen changes from taking the sea moss. Definitely an increase in the male reproductive health department. Would gladly purchase again.

Ian-Mitchell D.
Love it!

Powder is very easy to dissolve in your favorite drink! You feel the effects kick in about 10 minutes into drinking. I feel like it gives me a boost when I drink before and during my workout! I recommend putting it in a beverage with flavor; by itself the texture/flavor is a bit weird.

Donna S.
More energy

Just finished my first container, and I feel I have a lot more energy. Opened my second container will have to see if still keeps my level up.

Amanda T.


Ginger B.

Personally I have a big dislike to pills, so the putting of those wonderful ingredients together in one superfood powder form couldn’t be better.