Dr Sebi's Sea Moss | The most complete superfood on the planet

Dr Sebi's Sea Moss | The most complete superfood on the planet

Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman, was a Honduran born, African herbalist. Much of Dr. Sebi's life is shrouded in myth. He's best known for his diet programs and nutritional advice. In truth, many of Dr. Sebi's discoveries were discredited by the scientific medical community. However, some of his views on health and diet do align with nutritional science. For example, Dr. Sebi stressed the importance of a plant-based diet, hydration, and discouraged processed food. A notable supplement that both medical science and Dr. Sebi support is sea moss. 

What did Dr. Sebi say about Sea Moss? 

Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss or Chondrus Crispus, was first used by the Irish, Europeans, and early Spaniards. The earliest known uses for sea moss include topical treatment and dietary supplements. The Irish, in particular, used sea moss during the famine to boost the nutritional value of their meals. 

Even without Dr. Sebi, sea moss has been used for years to treat several different ailments. But, the resurgence of popularity in the US can be attributed to Dr. Sebi's teachings. When in America, Dr. Sebi often worked with celebrities who then praised the many benefits of sea moss.

It's worth noting that by any standards, Dr. Sebi's recommended diet was overly restrictive. It bans eating most nuts, fruits, all animal products, etc. Sea Moss, however, is fairly high on the list of food approved for the diet. Dr. Sebi stated that sea moss provided energy boosts, virility, stamina, healthy skin, bones, and longevity. He also contributed his fertile genes to long-term sea moss use.

Dr. Sebi once stated that sea moss receives its nutrients from a rock. This isn't exactly accurate, but sea moss attaches itself to rocks and other surfaces. This process is called a holdfast. Essentially, sea moss anchors itself to a rock to stop it from floating off into the ocean. However, it doesn't receive nutrients from the rock. Instead, sea moss, like any other plant, gets its nutrients from sunlight, water, and air. 

Throughout Dr. Sebi's life, he made a myriad of seemingly wild claims about the human body's nature. But, time and science have shown that there was truth to some of his less controversial statements. 

What are the scientifically-backed benefits of Sea Moss Capsules?

When properly harvested and prepared in capsule form, Sea Moss can provide a ton of the daily nutrients the body needs to thrive. Here are just a few of the medically accurate benefits of Sea Moss. 

  • Healthy Weight Management: Sea Moss helps regulate the thyroid, which in turn helps regulate hormones that impact your weight. It also improves the metabolic process, provides higher energy levels, and boosts mood when taken consistently. The combination of these benefits alone contributes to a healthier, slimmer physique.
  • Virility: Sea Moss improves blood flow and boost energy levels. So, while it may not be the same as certain other pills for virility, it is a natural way to improve overall bodily performance. This benefit, like all sea moss benefits, happens over time. Sea moss has to be taken consistently. Sea moss capsules are an option for anyone seeking to improve their cardio and energy over time.
  • Mood Enhancement: Sea Moss works wonders on brain health. Not only does it help regulate mood-changing hormones, but it also helps your brain make new mental connections. We're not saying sea moss makes you smarter, but it definitely helps reduce brain fog and improve mental speed.
  • Healthy hair, skin, nails and bones: Thanks to the multitude of vitamins and nutrients that sea moss provides, your skin, nail, bones, and hair become stronger and healthier. Sea moss improves your body's ability to absorb nutrients, increases your cellular reproduction efficiency, and betters almost every system in the body. 

Sea moss capsules, when taken daily, provide all of these benefits and more. Additionally, sea moss has little to no harmful effects on the body. So, it's an excellent alternative for those of us with pharmaceutical allergies or restrictions. Several medical studies have proven the lifelong benefits of consistent sea moss intake. Just 1-2 capsules a day can improve your health. These reasons and more are why sea moss is often referred to as a superfood.

Was Dr. Sebi Right About Sea Moss?

Dr. Sebi was spot on about the health benefits of sea moss. He and several other herbalists, nutritionists, and medical doctors have spoken out about the boons of sea moss and sea moss capsules. Sea moss can be used as an ointment, a drink, or eaten. Because sea moss has so many uses as a supplement and is scientifically backed, there's little chance that its popularity will fade. In many ways, Dr. Sebi's belief in the healing power of sea moss was his most influential contribution to modern health.  

There are hundreds of sea moss recipes and suggestions, some better than others, but it's a bygone conclusion that when freshly harvested, properly prepared, and consistently consumed, sea moss can genuinely improve quality of life on many levels. Some suppliers may combine their sea moss with bladderwrack. However, the mixture of sea moss with bladderwrack can cause adverse side effects in some. Our sea moss capsules contain the medically recommended dosage for daily sea moss intake. Plus, we have sea moss with beetroot or spirulina, two safe and highly beneficial supplements to consume individually or in sea moss capsules. Much like sea moss, beetroot and spirulina are packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

Final Verdict 

We at Atlantic Naturals don't necessarily agree with 100% of Dr. Sebi's teaching, but, like many, we fully back the benefits of sea moss capsules and gel and take pride in the product we provide. Our sea moss is freshly sourced and then packaged with your health in mind.

Check out our in-depth guide to the positives that sea moss provides if you're interested in more sea moss facts and history, or subscribe to our newsletter for up-to-date deals. Lastly, remember that sea moss isn't medicine, but it is a time-proven supplement.

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If …I had ONE WISH, Thank you Dr.Sebi. I hope he knew how great of a gift he was GENIUS

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Dr sebi said you can’t overdose on seamoss so why do you only recommend two tablets a day ? I brought you sea moss pills thanks


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