Why does your gut absolutely love Sea Moss?

Why does your gut absolutely love Sea Moss?

If you've ever consumed Sea Moss, either in pill or gel—you know exactly what I'm talking about!

All over the web, Sea Moss is highly touted for its amazing effects on the digestive system. Today, we're going to explore why and try to get a greater understanding of this powerful red algae.

In previous blog posts, I've elaborated on the broad spectrum of nutrients in Sea Moss (Irish Moss). On this occasion, I'm going to focus mainly on one—prebiotics.

Sea Moss is packed with it! 

While most people are familiar with probiotics, very few are aware of pre-biotics and what they actually do. Let's break them down.

What's the difference between Pre-Biotics and Pro-Biotics?

Pro-biotics, are healthy digestive bacteria that help the gut break down foods, boost the immune system, alleviate bloating and aid digestion.

Pre-biotics are a tad bit different—it is a type of fiber that the human body cannot digest. It passes through the body, taking with it all the bulk that's been sitting there.

In addition to this essential function, pre-biotics also act as food for probiotics, increasing healthy bacteria in the gut and aiding the digestive system. 

Now that we've established the fundamentals, let's get into the scientific studies.

Scientific Studies demonstrate Sea Moss' effect on Gut Health!

A study published in 2015 examined the effects of Sea Moss on the digestive system of rats, specifically the study concentrated its prebiotic effects on the gastrointestinal system.

Two groups were tested before and after daily ingestion of Sea Moss for 21 days. The Sea Moss supplemented group showed four times the amount of healthy gut bacteria (Bifidobacterium breve) compared to the placebo group.

In addition, pathogenic (bad) bacteria such as Clostridium septicum and Streptococcus pneumonia decreased. 

Further more, rats in the Sea Moss supplemented group recorded more moisture in their faeces. This means bowel movement was easier.

At the end of the study, scientists surmised an overall improvement in gut health and immune modulation. 

Managing gut bacteria not only aids digestion, "research shows that consumption of prebiotics and/or probiotics results in multiple health benefits including improving consistency and frequency of the stool, preventing allergic diseases, regulating immunity and decreasing the risk of obesity" (Liu, et al., 2015).

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I hope this article answered some of the many questions surrounding Sea Moss, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments below. I'll do my best to answer them quickly and thoroughly.

Also, stay tuned to our blog as I'll write more about each benefit of Sea Moss, and like always...back it up by science! 🙂

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