Sea Moss dissolves Mucus from the Body | Fact or Fiction?

Sea Moss dissolves Mucus from the Body | Fact or Fiction?

If you've been doing any research on this wonderful red algae, you've likely come across the claim that Sea Moss helps to dissolve excess mucus from the body. Some even go as far as to say, it dissolves all the mucus.....I don't ascribe to this line of thought. 

From the medical research I've done, the body needs a certain amount of mucus to function. Mucus helps the body in two ways—first, it creates a layer of protection that acts as a selective barrier or lubricant allowing us to live alongside harmful microbes.

Second, when harmful microbes do break through the protective layer of mucus and enter our body—mucus clings to them and it is expelled as phlegm.

Now that we've established some basics, back to the reason you're here! 

Does Sea Moss dissolve Mucus?

The short answer...YES!

Consistent supplication of Sea Moss (also known as Irish Moss), or even on the specific occasion when you have excess mucus buildup (cold or flu), it definitely helps to dissolve phlegm.

Now let's get into the why and how. First, we need to understand the makeup of this powerful algae.

It's packed with 92 minerals (our body needs a total of 102), 13 vitamins, antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, protein and dietary fiber.

Out of the aforementioned, three ingredients in the natural makeup of Sea Moss—Omega 3, Chlorophyll and Potassium Chloride are known to help dissolve mucus. They can act as natural decongestants to soothe the bronchial system. 

Further more, a study conducted in 2010 classified Sea Moss as a "Demulcent".

Demulcent herbs soothe and protect irritated or inflamed tissue. They are rich in carbohydrate mucilage made up of complex polysaccharide molecules. Thus, they become slimy and gummy when they come in contact with water. This physical property has an immediate action on the lining of the intestines and lungs, where it soothes and reduces irritation by direct contact (Romm, 2010).

    So, in addition to Sea Moss' ability to help dissolve mucusit soothes the lungs.

    This is great news for anyone suffering from asthma, bronchitis, sore throat or even those who smoke—regular consumption of Sea Moss capsules can definitely help.

    I would delve deeper into its effect on the digestive system, but that's for another blog post 😉.

    I hope this article answered some of the many questions surrounding Sea Moss, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments below. I'll do my best to answer them quickly and thoroughly.

    Also, stay tuned to our blog as I'll write more about each benefit of Sea Moss, and like always...back it up by science!

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    Looking for best sea moss to get rid of mucus. I would prefer a gummy or capsule.

    Linda T

    Please let me know is sea moss is safe to take with elevated ferritin level and does sea moss help thwart off sore throats and sinus infections


    I have sinus infections really bad last for 2 months at a time….i only get them in fall season….so I just started taken sea moss pills organic like 3 days ago I feel better in my mucus issues so far thats why I asked. The question does sea moss help with mucus issue I dont want all my mucus to go away because I learned that mucus is helpful also just want the bad sinus infection to go away because I have a blockage in my nostril prepping for surgery …..

    Angeli Lowery

    How much sea moss should one take to get effect?

    Olle Davidsson

    Do people read to understand or simply to comment? He obviously said he does not ascribe to the claim that seamoss rids all mucus from the body.


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