Everything you need to know about Sea Moss Gel

Everything you need to know about Sea Moss Gel

Chances are youve heard of Sea Moss Gel before especially if youve researched natural ways to improve your overall health. What we have here is an in-depth guide to all things Sea Moss Gel, including what it is, where to use it, and how. They say the best things in life are free we say the best things in life occur naturally.

What is Sea Moss Gel?

Sea Moss Gel is a gel created from Sea Moss which itself is an algae. And guess what? Humans have been using it for its health benefits for thousands of years. A couple of its better known names are Chondrus Crispus or Irish moss but it’s not just the Irish that have found the benefits of this superfood. Its extensive uses have been reported in Caribbean islands like Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago as well. This is thanks to Irish migrants that lived in the region. It grows all along the Atlantic coast. And surprisingly enough, it comes in various forms - one of which is gel. Theres more on how to make your own Sea Moss Gel later. Spoiler alert: its an easy D.I.Y. recipe! Note that all red algae such as Sea Moss contain a naturally occurring chemical called carrageenan. Chemically, carrageenan is what provides Sea Moss its texture. However, it can be separated from sea moss which strips almost all of the health benefits. Today we’ll cover sea moss not carrageenan.

How To Make Sea Moss Gel?

Because of sea moss’ pliable nature it can be consumed or used a number of different ways. The most popular of which is in gel form. Sea moss can be consumed raw, as a powder, and even as a capsule. However, sea moss gel contains all the same health benefits of any other form of sea moss but in gel form it can also act as a topical ointment for burns, rashes, or even more proactive uses such as a beauty mask, acne treatment or added to your hair care routine. It’s easy to slip into any meal but especially easy with smoothies because sea moss gel is almost entirely tasteless. Making sea moss gel is a fairly simple task that you can do at home. All you need is a little sea moss, a fridge, and time.


First things first, get about 2oz of raw sea moss. Then we’ll want to soak the sea moss in alkaline water if available. This helps cleanse the sea moss of any impurities and sand particles. Sea moss is fairly tough in this state so feel free to really get in there until it’s clean. Keep in mind that any sand or grit that you leave behind will turn up later in the sea moss gel.

Next we soak the sea moss in a container much larger than itself for 24-48 hours. Keep in mind to switch the water every 5-6 hours if possible. This lowers the chance that any grit that’s been washed off reattaches to our sea moss. Sea moss becomes see-through, enlarges and softens during the soaking process. You’ll know your sea moss is done soaking because it will have grown from the water absorption and because it will be undeniably slick and soft. It’s important that the sea moss is soft for the next part.

Here we blend the sea moss. Now it’s recommended that we cut the sea moss into bits to help with the blending process. Once we’ve chopped it up, we’ll chuck it and some water into the blender. How much water used is up to you but sea moss is and acts as a thickening agent. By itself it might be too thick of a consistency to work with. Personally, I’d suggest about a cup of water. Blend it until all the solid parts are gone.

Now at this point you essentially have sea moss gel but you’ll want to refrigerate it in a sealed container (mason jars are perfect) for freshness and firmness. Spoiled sea moss isn’t good for anybody so don’t forget to put the date on the jar.

Sea Moss comes in a powder form too. While its best to make sea moss gel from raw sea moss you can still convert its powdered form into gel. Add a few tablespoons of sea moss powder into a cup and mix it with alkaline water if possible. Then pour it into the blender. Once it’s blended allow it to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes to an hour. When the sea moss has solidified into a gel then place it in the fridge.

How to take Sea Moss Gel

Now that you know how to make Sea Moss Gel, it's time to use it! Some people mix  1-2 tablespoons into hot water to make tea, however I suggest adding it to a smoothie. It tastes delicious when blended with a banana, almond milk and some ice. You can even add some oats or peanut butter to make it a complete meal replacement.

Benefits Of Sea Moss Gel

The benefits of sea moss gel are almost too many to count. Almost.
Keep in mind that sea moss gel has earned its title of superfood over the years because of its proven benefits. But take note that no one food cures all things. And while sea moss gel has a ton of health benefits it is important to view it as
supplement not a meal. But in terms of supplements...

You can’t get much better than sea moss gel. Some of its earliest known uses were as an anti-inflammatory, cough suppressant, immune booster, and a serious help for digestive health. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s break it down.

The Digestive Benefits

The reason sea moss gel works as a boon for your digestive tract is because it increases the prebiotics in your stomach. Prebiotics help make probiotics stronger. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that we all have in our stomach. All of this betters our overall immune system but that’s not the only way sea moss gel helps stave off colds and infections.

The Immune System Benefits

Sea moss is an amazing immune booster because its chockfull of everything our immune system needs to be successful. We’re talking zinc, magnesium, vitamin K, calcium, copper, dietary fibers, and much, much more. It not only adds to your body but also helps your body push out excess toxins.

It helps with allergies, coughs, and breathing because sea moss has a profound effect on the thyroid gland. It helps soothe and regulate this powerhouse of a gland allowing for open breathing ways. (Which is super important if pollen gets anywhere near some of us.)

The Muscular and Metabolic Benefits

Another great benefit of sea moss gel is that it’s a great addition to a post workout meal. Sea moss contains the proteins the body needs to grow and maintain healthy muscle. Plus if youre anything like me and have a few aches and pains post workout then you can use the gel as a topical ointment to help soothe muscles and joints.

On the flip side of that Sea Moss Gel also acts as a weight loss agent as well. This is thanks to the work it does with the thyroid gland. Sea Moss Gel helps boost your metabolism. Meaning your body burns more calories in the same amount of time.

The Skin and Nail Benefits

Sea moss is perfect for getting rid of acne and maintaining a fresh, youthful appearance. Sea Moss Gel has collagen which is a key protein for our bodies. The collagen in sea moss gel helps clear up acne by cleansing the face and keeps your skin from sagging.

The Hair Benefits

Sea Moss Gel is great as a natural hair conditioner. Sea moss contains Vitamin A, which is key to breaking down sebum. Sebum builds up on the scalp as a way of moisturizing it but sebum can clog pores and cause undue weight and tension on hair follicles. Sebum also has an oily texture that can prevent protective hair styles such as dreadlocks, French braids, or twists from locking or staying neat. Sea moss helps by not only washing away excess sebum but by also hydrating the hair and scalp. This results in stronger roots and softer more appealing hair. Sea moss also stimulates hair growth in general for a fuller, thicker, appearance.

These are just some of the surface benefits of sea moss gel.

There are lesser studied but time proven benefits such as a libido enhancer (no shame, just a solution.), brain stimulator, and mood booster. It achieves all this thanks to its work on the thyroid gland which helps regulate blood flow, blood oxygen levels, and fatty acids. Fatty acids are key to brain and heart functions.

Sea Moss Gel Recipes

Sea Moss Gel is near tasteless but especially when it’s mixed with other ingredients. For your convenience we’ll go ahead and cover just a few of the most popular ways sea moss gel is consumed.

The Sea Moss Gel Smoothie

4 Cups of coconut milk.
2 tablespoons of Sea Moss Gel 1 cup of berries
1 chopped banana
1 cup of baby spinach
5 ice cubes
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract 1 tablespoon of flax seed
1 pinch of cinnamon

For a basic smoothie toss the ingredients in the blender until you reach the desired thickness. Add more ice cubes if the smoothie is too dense.

Sea Moss Bread

There’s no real change here. If you know how to make bread then you know how to make sea moss bread. Add the sea moss in the beginning with all the other ingredients. If added in gel form then the batter may be a bit stickier than you’re used to. Proceed as normal.

Vegan Sea Moss Salad Dressing Tangy and sweet.

For a healthy and delicious vegan salad dressing start with a 1⁄4 cup of a honey substitute like coconut nectar, 1⁄4 cup of Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoon of premade Sea Moss Gel, 1⁄4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1⁄4 avocado oil, 1⁄4 cup of black pepper and salt, and 1 table spoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Mix your ingredients into a jar and then shake, shake, shake it out. Shake like your life depends on it! Shake like there’s no tomorrow! Or just shake until it’s all mixed together and then refrigerate for freshness. If you don’t have avocado oil then you can use an extra virgin olive oil as a replacement.

Does Sea Moss Gel Go Bad?

Sea Moss is a plant, technically. It’s close enough to a plant that it does eventually go bad. But that shelf life can be greatly extended if it’s taken care of properly. It will last the longest in an air tight container and in cool and dry conditions like a fridge. In this state it can last anywhere from 3 weeks to upwards of 3 months. For longer term preservation it can also be frozen in which case it will last indefinitely. The best thing you can do is keep it away from warm or damp environments and to keep it air sealed. You’ll know if the sea moss has spoiled because much like rotten fruit it’ll smell horrible and taste horrible too.

The Overview of Sea Moss Gels, Capsules, and Powders

Sea moss gel has a noteworthy amount of health benefits. It can be used to regulate the thyroid which in turn controls, heart health, brain health, libido, metabolism, digestive health, and hormones. Externally it’s great for acne skin care, hair care, rashes, burns, and small cuts. However, sea moss is a good thing. A really, really good thing. And you know what they say,

Too much of a good thing is bad thing.

For us this means remembering that sea moss gel is a supplement not a meal. A healthy, balanced diet is the healthiest thing you can monitor. But if you have difficulty tracking or adjusting your intake then Sea Moss Capsules are just as healthy and perfect if you don’t have the room in the fridge or just live a busy life. There’s really no best way to consume sea moss but personally, I like it in capsule form just because of the convenience. But no matter how you consume sea moss remember that your body takes time to absorb the nutrients. Patience is a key and sea moss is the lock.

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