5 Amazing Ashwaghanda Health Benefits

5 Amazing Ashwaghanda Health Benefits

Ashwaghanda is a plant thats been used by humans for thousands of year to treat a wide variety of ailments. Originally, Ashwaghanda was used in Ayurveda, a school of medicine originating from India. Its often hailed as a rejuvenating medicine with seemingly limitless health benefits. While these benefits can be overstated at times weve taken the liberty of providing just a few of the time-proven betterments that this miracle herb can provide.

Ashwaghanda Health Benefits

Let's get into the good stuff. Ashwaghanda supports healthy stress management, sexual and brain health, strong bones and a better mood. Below, we go into the science behind every benefit of this super herb. 

1. Stress Support

Scientifically, Ashwaghanda is considered an adoptogen. Adoptogen are natural herbs that improve homeostasis (The terms for all of your bodily systems working well together) and the stabilizing of your bodily functions. It does this by regulating your hormones and blocking certain parts of your brain that produce cortisol. Cortisol is nigh synonymous with stress. Every time you feel stressed or anxious, its your body pumping cortisol into you. Ashwaghanda helps decrease the amount of cortisol and increases the production of other healthier hormones. So not only are you less stressed youre also feel an increase in mood.

2. Libido Health

The libido controls your sexual hormones and urges and overtime it can decrease those hormones and impair the quality of your sex life. However, in men, Ashwaghanda actually boost testosterone, one of the vital chemicals for the male libido. It does this in combination with increasing blood flow. The result is a stronger, longer lasting sex life.

3. Brain Health

Neuropathic degradation can happen for a number of different reasons not the least of which is aging. The neuro pathways in our brain hold our memories, language, logic, reasoning, and basically everything that separates the brain from the mind. If these pathways are damaged or degrading then your mental capacity can degrade with them. This is because one of the causes of degraded neurological pathways is a sort of plaque around your brain. This plaque is caused by the buildup of beta-amyloids. Beta-amyloids are a brain protein that if left unchecked can be the number one cause of poor memory and mental capacity. Ashwaghanda helps clear out the plaque caused by beta-amyloids and in doing so can boost memory, reasoning, and overall mental performance.

4. Bone Health

Your body is constantly replacing bone cells to help keep it healthy. But as we age and the estrogen levels in our blood drops our body stops reabsorbing the bad cells. Other times it may reabsorb the bad cells but fail to replace them with newer, stronger ones. So your bones become weak and prone to breaking. Ashwaghanda increases the amount of pre-osteoblast cells. Osteoblasts cells are the ones in charge of building newer bones. Not to be confused with osteoclast cells which are in charge of removing old bones. When introduced to your body Ashwaghanda goes to work in regulating the exchange of these two. Another factor in fragile bones is the harmful chemical cortisol. Ashwaghanda helps slow the production of this as well.

5. Mood Enhancement

To be clear were not here to overstate the facts or medicinal properties of Ashwaghanda. Were here to share the facts. And the fact is Ashwaghanda can help with severe depression. But its also a fact that there isnt a cure for depression. Theres no one pill, supplement, or food you can take to eradicate all forms of depression. However, if your depression is caused by high cortisol levels, the stress hormone, then Ashwaghanda can help.

Ashwaghanda helps block and slow cortisol production in the brain not only does this result in lessening depression but also in creating stronger bones and more energy. We all know one of the worst side effects of depression is the inability to summon the strength to fight it. If you or anyone you know suffers from severe depression just remember that youre not alone and we may have a solution for you.

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