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New Beginnings

This product is the start of a new life for me. I actually thought I was sick. I felt horrible. But all my test were negative. Colonoscopy, cat-scans, everything. These pills has me feeling so good. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks for checking in

Love it!!!

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 and for years have struggled with weight gain/fluctuation, mood swings, hot flashes, constantly feeling weak & lethargic. I hate meds so typically I look for holistic remedies. Over the last year my symptoms worsened & I became frustrated not finding anything to aid with my symptoms. A few friends recommended sea moss, I must say I was a bit hesitant due to my shellfish allergy, I was afraid I couldn’t use sea moss because of the iodine. Upon further research I found that despite my allergy it didn’t necessarily mean I had an iodine allergy so I gave it a shot. I am now on day 9 of these capsules and am extremely pleased. Aside from it completely cleansing my system, I have felt more energy lately than I have in years, my mood has been stabilized, it’s reduced my bloating and literally has allowed me a much better sleep (i suffer from insomnia). I can’t really speak on the hot flashes but as far as overall feeling I can honestly say I feel the difference and I absolutely love it. I would recommend to anyone with hormonal or thyroid disorders for sure.

Love this stuff!

I suffer from really bad allergies and this really helped with my sinus inflammation!

"The Best Seamoss"

My family loves seamoss by Atlantic Natural. Our skin has cleared up from eczema, mucus has cleared out, digestion is regular, pigment is coming back, we have lots of energy and no anxiety. We are sleeping well and my weight is coming down. Oh yes, my vision is better also! Thank you Atlantic Natural, I will continue to order.💝

Getting My Best Life

I’m so glad someone that I have confidence in suggested this brand to me. At first, I was comparing the gel-based sea moss that several vendors are offering. I was hesitant, so this suggestion came just in time. Yes, I can feel a difference. Sometimes it’s not what you’re putting in your body that’s causing adverse reactions, it’s what a body might not have. And with 90+ minerals, I’m certain it was the latter for me. Thank you for this!


I was curious to see how this product would differ from the original Sea Moss. The effect is very similar, I have better bowel movement like the original, however I've experienced slightly more energy, I'm guessing from the B12 in the Spirulina. Overall, another great product. If you guys keep up the great service, you have a customer for life! 😊

Helping my thyroid!

I recently got diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so I decided to give this a shot. I was skeptical at first, but I have to tell you guys, I am truly impressed! My appetite is already back to normal and I’ve been feeling a lot more energetic. I’ll continue to use this and keep you guys updated on my progress 😊

nice product

Sea Moss should definitely be a staple in everyone’s home, this company provides a product that is worth the price & you will start to see a difference in your overall health, body & spirit. Dr. Sebi thank you for the planting the seed w/ NIP we will never forget.


I’ve been taking this since it arrived. I was anemic the reason for my order in the first place. I now feel better and with a lot of energy. I don’t even need to drink coffee to keep me up. I’ve recommended to everyone I know. My mom and my best friends have now ordered a bottle for themselves. I’m addicted ❤️

Good product

I did it in one day, felt good. Taste is good. I just wished it had more info on what it's recommended to eat while doing the detox. It really doesn't have any instructions or info.

Sorry about that Norma! Ideally, smoothies or light meals while doing the detox produces the best results! However, it still works with your regular diet. The most important thing is to stay hydrated, drinking a gallon of water the day you are doing the detox.

It works!

The 1 day cleanse is a great product. My system was messed up after taking iron supplements. Have tried different products to get back on track but nothing has worked until I found this product. It really works. My system has been reset. I am no longer constipated and now have.regular movements daily. I recommend the cleanse to anyone who needs their system reset.

Organic Sea Moss and Beet Root Capsules

I absolutely love these! I highly recommend these to whom those have digestive issues. I Take my dosages in the morning on an empty stomach and wala! I really like to open the capsules, mix with water and drink straight works best!! Thank me later when you see that bloat gone!!

Seamoss Pills

I personally seem to have a lot more energy now. I didn’t realize it until recently that I no longer get tired or sleepy during the day! I can’t remember the last time I’ve yawned during the day either. I eat a lot less now as well only about one full meal a day and a juice or snack if I’m hungry again. I take one pill a day instead of the 2 that’s recommended. I’ll be ordering again!

It works!

I'v noticed a significant increase in mental focus and energy throughout the day. I'm also getting two bowel movements per day which was unheard for me. I used to use the bathroom every two days. I feel so much lighter, very glad I decided to give this supplement a try

Absolutely love this product

I was taking seamoss gel from another company for a few month until I realized the product was inconsistent and I wasn’t getting the same dosage daily. Since switching to seamoss capsules I’ve been feeling amazing! I have consistent energy throughout the day, my brain fog has gone away, stomach sensitivity is gone. I’ve convinced co workers to take it as well and we don’t want to go a day without.

2 weeks of use

Right away I noticed my energy level up. I was more alert and awake during the day. When it comes to bed time it's easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Hoping to feel more of the effects. Will continue to use.

Very good so far

I've only been using this product for a week now, but I'm excited by the results. I feel a definite increase in energy and overall health. Hoping this supplement will boost my immune system!

Great product!

I've been looking for Sea Moss Capsules for quite a while, I used to actually buy the powder and empty capsules to make them myself. Not anymore! Glad to have a really affordable option that's Vegan. Also, it gives me a ton of energy 💪🏻

Best detox I had!

I really didn’t mind the flavor, it reminded me of a tea due to the lemon flavor as well as the ginger. It also did its job of helping me feel refreshed and new!

Feeling electric

I can feel the difference in my energy levels and and my skin develops a healthy glow as well.

Mental health greatness

This helped me stop being so depressed all of the time!


I’m so happy I ran across your site! I battle with hyperthyroidism and I’ve been looking to start taking natural supplements to help regulate my thyroid. My cousin told me about Sea Moss and I started googling where to find some. Came across your site and ordered a bottle for me and my cousin, and no joke I’ve seen drastic results in my energy levels, no allergies, or stuffy nose, I’m able to work a full day without feeling sick; I’m so happy I’ve found this product! Getting ready order more for my friends and my mom!

It's great so far

This is the third product I've tried from atlantic naturals, they haven't disappointed yet! The Sea Moss with Beet Root is a winner.

Organic Sea Moss Capsules | Vegan 1000mg from our store Atlantic Naturals.

A friend of mine spoke about Sea Moss and how it was helping them, so I thought that I'd give it a try. I've been taking it as follows. I take 2 capsules once a day. I've noticed a little bit as in little more energy. My appetite has subsided. My skin is clear, besides my vegetarian eating. I'm going to still stay with it. I definitely would recommend these. Thank you.


Not a huge difference, just a bit more energy. Guess I'll be able to tell after taking it for an extended period of time.